2:05 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Of couse this comes out after cuts
    Announce "draconian" cuts and a CR.. then give us 4 months to put all our eRecords back in shape... heh.
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  • Get it right....
    I am sure that Catherine Teti has corrected this, but GAO was not number six in the Records Management Survey. You might want to look at those numbers again because I am clearly reading on your link to that Survey that they were listed as Moderate Risk AND had an aggregate score of 84. Sixteen other agencies were listed as Low Risk. GAO might have been 26th overall, but they weren't 6th. Speaking of scores, did anyone else but me note that NARA scored a 46? That conjures up the old saying about glass houses. Kudos to the President for recognizing the value of properly managing records. CREW, you might want to try being an advocate of the process rather than an impediment to it. Some agencies and departments are actually doing a pretty good job of managing their records. They are also doing that in a ever decreasing budgetary environment.
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  • Not for nothing....
    In looking at the Survey again, I think you folks read it wrong. Other agencies topping the 2010 Survey (the 2011 numbers are yet to be published), were not USAID, International Trade Commission, or the Overseas Private Development Corporation (all of whom scored in the 80s). There were sixteen agencies scoring in the 90s. I think that the good folks at Secret Service, Secretary of Defense, Peace Corps, and the Internal Revenue Service, might take umbrage.
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