12:26 am, May 28, 2015

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  • The problem is
    deployed decoy
    Twenty plus choices for feds. I want a single choice. That would be a combination of TriCare costs with the added walk in the door priority of a Welfare baby. All these companies are in business to MAKE money. Not that this is a complete failure as it does contribute to a small amount for competition while the CEOs sit behind closed doors price fixing annual increases in premiums while reducing covered health care. My vote is a single country wide plan (that was the idea if I remember the original everyone gets insurance deal). So we all get TriCare for the same cost as it currently costs a retired veteran who is double dipping as GS14 and not paying for FEHB. As does that single father of two working part time at a non unionized box store.
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  • Avoid the Aet-No (ie. Aetna) NIGHTMARE
    I'm grateful for choice. As we found out this year with Aet-NO (that's what they call them at our kids pediatrician), some of these plans don't live up to what they lead you to believe they will do in the plan brochures. Avoid the nightmare of "Aet-NO" (ie. Aetna). We're switching back to our old plan for 2012. Choice is good.
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  • I'm staying with the HDHP
    Been with the Aetna HDHP for 5 years and love it. Saved thousands compared to the over priced BCBS plans. Hopefully Obamacare doesn't force the HDHPs out of business. According to Obama I can keep what I have. We'll see about that.
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  • Choice is great
    The reason why is that everyone has different needs. Rob likes the savings of his high deductible plan. He pays net less. It suits his needs. Others like a preferred provider plan such as BX. I personally would not go with an HMO due to its restrictions, but others love it. Different strokes for different folks.
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