11:16 am, May 22, 2015

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  • GAO IT guidance requires better access to proven IT Acquisition expertise
    I found this to be a very well written report, and added it to my collection of 50 IT Acquisition studies and reports going back to 2000 when critical thinking started to get outsourced. To meet these 9 CSFs, and avoid the IT-AAC "6 deadly sins" of IT Acquisition, agencies must start holding contractors accountable for program outcomes (advisers and integrators). 98% of the top contractors have little or no access to commercial standards of practices or innovations outside the reach of the defense industrial complex. In spite of guidance to the contrary (CCA, NDAA-Sec804, OMB 25 Point Plan), agencies and their old guard contractors continue to apply weapon systems acquisition and oversight processes that do not work for the fast paced market. The IT Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC) has established a resource pool of non-traditional advisers and SMEs who are not vested in the status quo, with GSA Awarding a series of low cost FFP acquisition enablers for agencies looking to break away from past failure patterns. Now all we need is for congress and the white house to hold PMs accountable, and stop outsourcing risk and critical thinking.
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  • A Great List of Needed Factors
    The main crux of the GAO report is to help guide programs and organizations on the components required for success. Effective program management does not counteract a poorly written contract, or lack of funding. Active communications cannot occur without leadership support and decision-making authority in the PMs, etc. This is not a list of factors that are weighed, but all of great importance. The real “critical” factor, with the exception of one program remarkably, was a highly skilled and proactive acquisition workforce. This really is the key to success, which includes program managers. Without this, no program will be successful, and the status quo with waste, fraud, and abuse will be typical outcome in one form or another.
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