11:03 am, May 23, 2015

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  • health
    You may look at the premium amount and think that there is no way that you can afford it. You cannot afford to be without health insurance! shop around you may find it easy to find an affordable premium, I always find health insurance through "Penny Medical" network.
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  • Avoid Aetna (ie. Aeta-NO)
    Federal brethren - avoid the Aetna plans if at all possible. They've been nothing but a nightmare for my family and our doctor's over the past year. Our pediatrician says they have a nickname around the office for them. His staff calls them "Aet-NO." I seriously think we're going to have to haul these jokers up in front of the state insurance board for breach of contract. I wish I'd known how much I was putting my kids health, and savings account at risk before signing up for Aetna...and yes we did read the plan details before signing-up.
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  • No problems here
    I love the Aetna HDHP. Never had a problem with any claims. I'm sure every plan has it's share of unhappy customers. I'll stick with the HDHP until the premiums get too high or Obama care forces the plans out of business.
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  • Health Plans
    I had heard that about Aetna as well. Which is funny because growing up that is the insurance my Dad had and it wasn't a problem. I luckily have a pharmacist husband and I ask him which agencies are hard to work with, and good deal or not, cross them off my list immediately. There is truth to the saying that is something looks to be good to be true, it probably is. I'd rather pay a little more for good service and getting what was advertised, than paying later in either time or fighting with the company.
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  • Aetna health insurance
    A recently retired CEO of a large insurance company was on Bill Moyer show stating that Aetna has purged millions of non profitable accounts (people) from their books. That seems consistent with what the commentators are claiming. As far as Aetna high deductible health plan http://highdeductiblehealthplan.org I have heard that these are quite profitable. Probably because there are few claims on them. Anyhow, the Aetna CEO is still on his job (collecting millions), so keep your eyes peeled for Aetna health insurance.
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