3:35 am, May 23, 2015

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  • supercommittee failure
    Who's surprised at their failure? There are no personal consequences for them. This leaves our entire country, all aspects of it beginning in households, local governments, state governments, in total disarray with no sound way to plan and prepare Fy 2012 and beyond budgets. US industry wonders what to do given the now total uncertainty for the future business outlook in this country - increase production, decrease production, move more production overseas? Wall Street had a steep decline yesterday - and no blaming European uncertainty this time. The government is in total hiatus - how to prepare for massive across the board cuts; how to decrease acquisitions of new and replacement technnology, supplies, training contracts, research contracts. Which statutes will be most impacted? Will facilities be maintained well enough to house offices and workers? How can the military even plan? Shame shame shame on Congress, most especiall Republicans and Tea Partiers. If this is their concept of what America should be - rapid continuation of shifting wealth to the top 1% while continuing to wipe out the middle and lower classes (most of us, by the way, including you Tea Partiers out there), they need to hide their heads in shame and embarrassment.
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  • These people are unimpressive
    The lack of personal courage among members of that committee is galling. But then again what do we expect from a do nothing Congress. There was absolutely no incentive for either Party to do anything. This is all about jockeying for position for next year's election. Since both parties did nothing, they both will continue to be held in the same high level of contempt by the voters. The founding father's would be appalled!
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  • The "hammer" should not have been sequestration...
    it should have been loss of their jobs. The only thing that politicians fear is losing their elected positions, so that is the only thing that will keep them from lying to us to get whatever they want.
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  • No Surprise here
    As the least popular body of human beings on the planet, virtually no one is surprised nor expected anything less. The issue is who is to blame? common sense tells us the President wanted the failure for political purposes. The Democrats had little to loose as they went back on their pledges to cut the budget the last two major agreements they made: Reagan and Bush. Both agreements provided for increased taxes with major cuts. The taxes happened but the cuts did not. Now, the question is, with today's educated electorate, will this calculated approach work. I believe it won't. Americans know that the Senate, still under control of the Democrats would not pass the Presidents budget or latest spending bill, termed a jobs bill. The House passed 15 measures that have yet to be taken up by the Senate and most famously the Cut, cap and balance bill that simply made sense. Congratulations, the Democrats have become the Party on "NO"
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