6:35 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Save The USPS
    Kenneth W.
    This interim solution won't make a difference, except that it'll cost American taxpayers a bundle. It's time to let the USPS "go." It's supposed to be an unsubsidized, non-government, private enterprise, but still isn't. It hasn't been/isn't managed well and is still a burden on the taxpayer. It's time someone woke up and let it be truly privatized. Contract the function out. The employees are still US govt. workers, under the Federal govt. umbrella, and the USPS is still at the "public funding trough." It isn't a sacred cow that needs taxpayer resuscitation. Let it be the private enterprise that it was intended to be long ago. Let it "go" and compete in the private sector as it was supposed to -long ago. Enough of the excuses. Kenny.
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