9:07 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Super What?
    The Super committee not getting any done is probably not a surprise to anyone. Especially when there are some fixes just waiting to be utilitized. I understand GAO has a study out that shows the government agencies that duplicate each other. There can be 3 or 4 agencies that all regulate or govern the same body of water for example. This study, shows where agencies should be combined or elimitated. Of course that can't be done because some Agency Head might loose their job! OH NO! The worker bees will probably still have more than enough to do even if combined, and with a few judicious buy outs, no lay offs. This could save money in the Trillions, but does Congress look at it, No! The answers are there, if someone would actually do their job.
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  • Super committee demise - surprise?
    The basic problem with the "super" committee process as encapsulated in the compromise debt reduction legislation last summer was that the dreaded funds sequester, in the event of committee failure, was carefully scheduled to take place only in January 2013, once the rapids of teh 2012 election had been savely passed. It's much more than passing likely that any sequester will be stopped in its tracks long before then, given all the budgetary oxen due to be gored by it if it took effect. The legislation's sequester mechanism was therfore just a threatening strawman, an unserious bogeyman thrown in to gull the gullible public that a serious effort was going to be made to deal with our horrendous out-of-control spending. The pols knew that the sequester will never be allowed to take effect, failure of the committee or not. So we end up closer to effective national bankruptcy as we continue (un)merrily down the road to fiscal ruin.
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  • It could be a rotten turkey
    Rob War
    ...but lay off poor Uncle Jed
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  • Jed's turkey is only passed it's expiration date twice
    Rob War
    ...while the turkeys in congress seem to have expired years ago.
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