2:24 am, May 29, 2015

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  • One other Factor
    Another factor with health insurance is how easy is the Insurer to deal with? Some are very helpful if there is an issue and help get the problem solved, other.....not so much. I am lucky in that I am married to a pharmacist, so he deals with Health Care Providers everyday and let's me know which ones are a paid to deal with or easy to deal with. So if all else is about the same, I go with the easy ones.
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  • Please read over your plan changes
    I just got notice from BX standard that they are raising their mail in plan for generic drugs. The cost was raised from $10 to $15 unless you are on medicare. I am not on medicare. We also used to have the first 4 generic prescriptions for free. I do not know whether that is still the case or not. I also must read the plan. My premium costs will not go up. But my costs will.
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  • The first deleted comment and then Dental
    I'm guessing was about the NUF. But back to health plans. Anybody know about Dental? I know I need to be enrolled for two years to get ortho for the kids. I'm assuming that's 2 full calendar years so that January of the 3rd year I can do it? ANy experiences with MetLife dental?
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  • FEDVIP - Dental
    I did extensive research before making my decision. Thankfully teeth are not a huge expense for my family. I did put two of my kids in braces but used the money I saved through the years in my Aetna HDHP HSA to pay for that; Another big plus of the HSA. I could save a ton of money if I used an Aetna dentist under my medical plan. Cleanings are covered at 100% if you do. The problem for me is we like our dentist but he's not on the Aetna plan so we were paying the entire dental bill each visit. Fortunately none of my 3 kids has ever had a cavity so my expense was just cleanings. That's 5 family members twice per year for a total of 10 cleanings/xrays, fluoride sealant, etc. Again, we were using the money in the HSA to pay for that. A couple of years ago I decided to see if I could save some $ signing up for a FEDVIP plan. The thing to compare isn't necessarily the premiums but how much the plan covers for a procedure if you use a non plan dentist. I got the procedure codes from my dentist and called each plan in the FEDVIP program to determine how much each would pay. There was a significant difference between the various plans. I settled with the Aetna plan. Although I use a non plan dentist the cleanings are covered at almost 100%. My average out of pocket for a cleaning is about $9. To determine if it made sense for me to sign-up for this plan I took the yearly premium and added to that what I still have to pay for each visit. The bottom line is I'm saving a little more that $600 per year by paying the premiums plus the little I pay for each visit over what I was paying when I didn't have FEDVIP. Like I said, I could get by just fine with just the medical HDHP plan if I used an Aetna dentist but it's one of those things where we are happy with our current dentist and didn't want to change. Hope this helps.
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  • FSA- Pay attention People!!!!!
    Problem is FSA is getting chopped in half in 2013, which means my original plan of using FSA is out! So I either pay with after tax dollars or buy dental insurance. But I've got to be in 2 years. Met Life has the highest ortho benefit. I guess it's a bonus if they pay for a crown or root canal, because my regular health ins -BC Basic- covers the cleanings with a$25 deductible. FSA chopping is one more middle class tax cut and I don't make $250K. Thanks For nothing new health law.
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