7:01 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Two flaws with the message on cuts
    Just me
    There are two fundamental flaws with the message on rational cuts: First, the group that yells, most loudly, for cuts in federal positions are the Republicans... who are rabidly anti-government and care little about governance. Second, any rational approach to cuts must, of necessity, include contractor positions AND include discussions of reduction in service. Neither of these options is, apparently, on the table. So far the Republicans are only contemplating freezing contractor positions...as in Agencies won't be allowed to bring NEW contract positions on board to replace FTE. There has been no talk of actually eliminating contract staff, which outnumber FTE on a ratio of about five to one. Further, studies indicate that the fully burdened contract rate for these contractors often exceeds the rate of total compensation for the equivalent federal employees by an average of 150% One should, therefore, conclude that this is less about cost and size of the government and more about political partisans attacking a group of people who have, historically, not voted for them in overwhelming numbers. Under this type of environment asking for reasoned cuts is futile.
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  • Research Argues Against Across the Board Cuts
    Our two decades of research on organizational downsizing shows that across-the-board cuts typically result in negative consequences for both the organization and its survivors, to say nothing of the victims. For downsizing to achieve positive results, prioritized cuts, requiring a trust-based approach to identifying inefficiencies and redundancies, need to be made. To download our peer-reviewed research, please visit our site below. Aneil Mishra, Ph.D. www.totaltrust.wordpress.com
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