8:44 am, May 29, 2015

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  • budget cuts
    This country is in severe decline thanks to greed that gets the big green flag from Congress (Republicans in particular) who also share in their own personal greed. It was George W. Bush who said in a state of the union address that all Americans should be able to buy a house; already the pieces were in place for Freddie and Fannie to buy up all sorts of ill-gotten mortgages; lenders went nuts lending money to anyone. Wall Street had no bounds, again thanks to a Republican-controlled Congress. Bush took us to wars through excessive lies to the public that he and others have now admitted. Then Bush started bail outs via TARP - millions in bailouts even before Obama had been elected. Current Republicans block everything that might begin to help so they can protect their personal wealth. And, currect Republican candidates want to go back to the Tsame stuff that got us into this mess in the first place. The blame is being laid on federal workers, people who are hired to carry out the very laws that Congress passes. Then one of the Republican candidates talks about the 2, oops 3, federal agencies he'll get rid of, probably not aware that Congress, not the president, determines the structure and existence of federal agenies. What would that candidate propose doing with the statutes enforced by those agencies?
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  • Cuts to Training Leads to Poor Performance
    Further exacerbating the issue of poor communications is the desire to cut training and support contracts, which will only fuel the desire to close doors even further through a poorly trained and overtaxed acquisition workforce, pressed for time and overly pressured to do more with less. This is the wrong strategy, yet budgetary pressures are such that laying the foundation for program success early in the acquisition process is a nice-to-have; a luxury that is just not affordable from a time and money perspective. Effective collaboration is a necessary strategy to prevent the future wave of waste, fraud, and abuse that is currently running rampant throughout the federal government. By properly developing requirements and program goals, combined with a focus on realism and reasonableness when it come to program affordability, programs have a much higher chance of being successful, and executing the “more with less” pressures.
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