4:03 am, May 26, 2015

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    With a net 140,000+ increase in federal civ employees thru 2011 (after adjusting for the Post Office and Census)the Senate might re-consider its 2012 prohibition against competiting comparable work performed by Feds with the private sector. The Senate might also consider the lack of any analytic rigor required in agency decisons to take away existing private sector jobs in order to give that same job to a Federal employee (called insourcing), which accounts for at least some of the 140,000 increase.
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  • Raise taxes on the wealthy and fund domestic programs
    I got a better idea. Instead of sticking it to federal workers to fund the military, but still cut domestic programs, how about we raise taxes on the wealthy, fund domestic programs, and have the cuts to the military.
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  • RE: Deficit cutters look to Pentagon budget
    Interesting article – the level of uncertainty about the automatic cuts to defense and domestic programs is becoming higher each day, as there are only a few weeks left to figure out how to avert them. Even if the automatic cuts are averted by the deadline, the current environment dictates that budget cuts will continue to be an ongoing discussion. One approach is a delivery model where customers pay for outputs – measurable outcomes; rather than inputs – activities to get to a deliverable. This approach reduces the risk for government, reduces costs and improves results. The importance of reducing costs while continuing to support the warfighter is an absolute priority. Timothy Coffin, President, iGATE Government Solutions
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