4:03 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Health insurance
    The Affordable Care Act, President Obama's health-care overhaul passed by Congress last year, was designed to make it easier for Americans in situations like Verone's to get health insurance BTW check "Penny Health" for more information
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  • a few problems
    deployed decoy
    One I receive 10% VA disability. This prevents me from enrolling is a health savings account. Not that I have been able to use the VA hospital for the last 11 years as a federal employee overseas in combat zones. Part 2, BCBS has said $5,000 annual family limits in both their plans as I remember. This year with federal FEHB payments, my FEHB premiums, non covered child health care services, deductibles and co pays. I paid more than $14,000 in health care fees, to receive a $345 check from BCBS for my two kid. I will add I submitted around $1,400 in annual doctor bills for the kids to get my $345 check. I want to see that part time employee and single father of 2, afford Obamacare. Opps I forgot that guy gets it all through my tax donations.
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  • Was today's column just a dream?
    Seems too good to be true, but everything is a maze today. And very few people have a map to navigate. Especially when different people have different places to go, so one size doesn't fit all. I've overpaid for health insurance for years, and most of my money is spent on dental and vision which only got relief through FSA which is about to get cut in 2013, so as they say "All good things must come to an end."
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  • I'm a believer
    I think the reason HDHPs are so unpopular is because most people don't understand how they work. I've been in the Aetna HDHP for 5 years now and have tracked the savings. The testimonial in this article is spot on. The argument I hear the most about HDHPs is that they are ONLY for the young and super healthy. This couldn't be further from the truth. I have three kids, who occasionally get sick or hurt just like most, and a wife who has undergone knee surgery. Yeah, I've hit my deductible three times in the 5 years I've been in this plan but still come out way ahead had I been in BCBS. If you're a saver and simply put the money you'd save in premiums into your HSA (about $2700 per year when compared to BCBS) you'll do just fine. The plan gives you $1500. That plus the premium savings is $4200 per year in your HSA. If you're a real savvy saver you can also put additional money into your HSA with pre-tax dollars from your check. If you're just going to spend the money you'd save in premiums then you'll probably lose. All the money in your HSA is yours forever, even if you change plans or leave the gov't. There's no deadline to use it up like the FSAs.
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  • HDHP's
    These plans are good for those who come out ahead of the game. rob, you have tracked your health insurance and you say you have come out way ahead. I believe you. It may or may not be better for me than BCBS standard with the FSA. However, if you come up with a majo0r illness such as a heart attack or cancer, then it might not be so good. Again, I have not done the math. I do wish these plans had been around when I was younger. Then there is no question, these would have been great. Oh well, can't have it all.
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