12:46 am, May 30, 2015

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  • About time...
    Time Bandit
    I used to work as a contractor in DC for 5 years, I would go to the Navy Yard on a regular basis. I found it disgusting that those smokers, who work on the Yard, would toss their cigarette butts on the ground. Even when there is a recepticle just a few feet from them, it's time to tell them no more. If they can't respect the area, they don't need to be there.
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  • Anti Smoking Action
    As a reformed smoker, 22 years, I hate the smell of second hand smoke as much as the next person, However, what get me even worse is when our elected congressional representatives are concentrating on making bills to say how far away from a federal building someone has to be to smoke, instead of passing a federal budget LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. They need to get back to work on the things that are, hard at times, but are needed for the country.
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  • To rsharlo
    first, I do not want to be around anyone who will give me second hand smoke due to the illnesses it can cause. And yes, I agree that those who throw thier cigarete butts on the ground should be penalized. I also disagree with the 25 foot rule as it really serves no purpose. It does force smokers to be less efficient by violating rules or going further than 25 feet away and then throwing their butts on the ground since there will be no recepticles. Better to provide them with a smoking area and provide a disposal unit.------As far as a budget, time is not the issue. There is a wide divide between the 2 sides that forces little compromise on the budget issues. Additional time spent will not produce results.
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