3:03 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • A Heartfelt Thank You...
    FERS Fed
    ...to all those who served, especially my Dad and uncles who've gone on the 'big VFW post in the sky'.
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  • Holidays and Vets jobs
    deployed decoy
    Well the Soldiers in Kuwait are working today. Not that much is going on, but to give them a day off in a ‘not so war zone’ would be a slap in the face to the military at sea, in Iraq or pushing that joy stick in Nevada for that drone that blew a hole in some donkey. Now up in Germany (official motto is ‘An Army at War’ it is a four day weekend . You see they did away with ‘family time’ a few years ago to give everyone in uniform in Europe eleven, 4-day weekends a year. I heard the Super Committee has pondered not giving feds off, unless they are Vets. Not nearly as bad as deal as the parameters to get Memorial Day off as a fed those elected brain dead fools are pondering (well sure not today)… As for the Vet jobs bill just passed what kind of drugs was congress mother on anyway. I have read several articles where this is just vote buying and never will work. Vets have VEOA, VRA, most I know these days get at least 30% ratings for stuff we did not go on sick call for during the cold war (another all-volunteer wart I will add). Not a sole twisted anyones arm to join up or get out for that matter. If someone did their time great. But know the military does not look like America. Only about 45% of Soldiers are Caucasian these days. What I see is the best Welfare to work program going for about 40% of the forces. That does not even include all the bennies like getting your own special home bailout. After getting tax free money to make the payments for years. Don’t get me wrong I fully support that 10% of the military outside the wire in harms way. I dont support some Specialist inside the wire doing 3 years and getting a 100,000 a year job doing the same work as a contractor the fourth year. Then Vets still need to compete for federal jobs with the wife of that gainfully employed Major who walks into federal jobs with all the bennies because of who she is married to. You want to employee Vets, fire the spouses that get a job and four months later are on the leave donation program.
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