12:18 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • CHCO's and USAJOBS
    Should anyone be surprised at the CHCO Council's "rallying" to OPM's support regarding the flawed USAJOBS 3.0 launch? They're after all complicit here, having endorsed in 2009 OPM's proposal to cut loose from Monster.com and develop its own proprietary USAJOBS platform. So their SES credibility necks are in the line also; they went along with Berry's hype and in effect wrote OPM a blank check of support and now are facing jointly the embarrassment of that overly optimistic endorsement. Collective bureaucratic stonewalling of theis type is useful as a means of evading or at least diluting accountability for one's mistakes, and we see that that unlovely attribute of bureaucratic life inside the Beltway is still alive and well.
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