7:45 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Properly Resourcing These Initiatives is Imperative
    The VMO seemingly is analogous to many of the OSDBUs currently in place at federal agencies. Although several OSDBUs are very helpful, such as DHS, many of the offices are staffed by individuals who not only know nothing about business or industry, but little about their agencies. In fact, many simply tell companies looking to gain knowledge of an agency or for opportunities to search FBO. I believe a well staffed VMO could provide great benefit to an agency, and to industry. However, these offices will need clearly delineated goals. Further, and more importantly, a VMO will need knowledgable staff who are motivated to improve government/industry relations, and help each side be successful. In this current budgetary environment, it may be difficult to expect resources to be diverted from the current mission, although this initiative can certainly help the overall mission of government contracting.
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