4:37 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Really
    Time Bandit
    Knew someone who was a contractor with the Navy, he was in the Navy many years prior. He was making $60-70k as a contractor, when he went govvie..he clocked in over $100k a year. Doesn't look like he was making 26% less than public sector to me, looks like he made out pretty good.
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  • Ou have offered an anecdote.
    The study offers statistics. The study shows significant differences; your anecdote says exactly nothing.
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  • Your buddy probably embellished
    He'd have had to proven what he was making and then the gov would have moved him to the grade/step that was just above it. Probably about a 2.5k difference.
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  • Really?
    So tell me this genius how come junior contractors come in and make almost just as I do considering i'm a senior GS govie where I have to train them? Let's face the fact we pay close to 120/hr for contractors position in which if they negotiate right then they could make 100-150k. Overall you're draining 250k a year per a contracting FE position. Govie contractors will always usually make more then a GS position.
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