7:13 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Snow Day
    We have a very liberal leave policy. Snow days are for school children, not grown men and women who are being paid with taxpayer dollars. Our soldiers fighting in the war do not get "sand storm days". Hospitals are not shut down due to inclement weather. The postal service still delivers the mail in rain, sleet or snow. Snow is a fact of life here in the Northeast.
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  • to Hal and Federal Employee
    First, if the office is shut down due to weather then we do not come in. We also do not have to telework. I very rarely do. Second, if the powers to be declare a snow emergency and tell us to stay off of the roads, then why should we have to use our own time? Third, if we make the effort to come in, but the roads are not driveable, then we do not have to come in or use our own leave. Fourth, if we drive on dangerous roads and get into an accident, that could result in numerous days of sick leave. This means others have to do our work or it does not get down. The government wants us to save sick leave for real medical issues. Hope this answers your questions.
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  • Hal Wins This One
    Sorry, Mod, Hal's statements score higher than yours on the 'reasonable' scale. Way too many fed employees whine and complain about their office not closing, or not closing soon enough, when the weather is even slightly bad. Like little school kids. It's embarassing. Their bottom line issue is "Do I get a day off or not" instead of "Is it safe to go in to work, or should I go home early to be safe?" If I deemed the weather to be too bad to get out, I didn't get out, regardless of whether or not my office closed. If it did close, fine, I got to save my leave. But I didn't whine and complain about having to use my leave when it was in my best interest to do so. Grow up dude. Hope this answers your questions.
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