2:12 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Hey OPM, Your Users Are TAXPAYERS!
    I operate in a commercial world where a company is FINANCIALLY PUNISHED if you launch a website that is not "usable" and gaind very low user acceptance!!! OPM seems to believe that they developed a PERFECT site but that its users are "STUPID." They won't look at the FAQs, they won't take the online training, they won't look at the YouTube videos.... What world does OPM live in? I didn't need a degree in "Google" before I could search the web. Also, Google doesn't have a call center with 100,000 help desk aides to work through "user issues." This is not a attitude or a perspective or a culture that can build the systems that the owners require. Who are these owners? The owners are the users -- the TAXPAYERS whose money was wasted on the unusable system that is now in a "death spiral."
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