12:38 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Retire EZ
    JR Samples
    What about the botched rollout of Retire EZ a few years ago? This is not the first time OPM had a problem with one of its public applications.
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  • Retire EZ
    Besides the Retire EZ fiasco,OPM also botched the project to automate its manual civil service retirement application processing function, i.e., the failed Retirement Systems Moderization project, which was quietly shelved earlier this year - after millions were spent fruitlessly. This is not an encouraging track record on carrying through on large IT projects for this troubled agency.
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  • USA Jobs recovered?
    Not in my experience, which was just this week. I tried to update my resume, and USA Jobs wiped it clean! After I regained my composure, I closed it down and went back into the site. My old resume was back, with changes I'd made to training and references, but none of the new experience was there. I tried again, following the instructions carefully, and the same thing happened. I closed the site again and sent an email to their customer support. They sent back an email with the same instructions as to how to add information to an existing resume, proving that they had not even read my email completely, or did not understnad the problem. Finally, I solved the problem myself by adding my new experince as a 'new job' rather than an update to my current employment. I'm not impressed with USA Jobs' recovery.
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  • Recovered?
    I just tired to sign on to the site, and was asked to come back another time. I don't think they have recovered yet.
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  • Not yet!!!
    Big Joe
    Hate to pile on, but my experience Friday (11/4) shows different. Multiple errors looking at open jobs, etc. I think they need to fix the system before they start trying to fix their public image......
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  • USAJOBS "death spiral" recovery?
    While it's encouraging to see that OPM has backed off its ridiculous claim that most of the reported problems on its star-crossed USAJOBS 3.0 launch were due to user errors, and admitted that there are indeed technical glitches in the system, the stabilization claim is suspect at best. Also, it's ironic that the internal IT staff on which OPM is banking to help fix the flawed system are themselves contractors laboring away like busy little troglydytes in the basement at OPM' headquarters in the Theodore Roosevelt Building. So the contest is between the Monster.com and OPM's in-house contractors now to see who can build a better USAJOBS mousetrap. May the better contractor win.
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  • FYI... Usajobs was built by OPM contractors and staff in Macon GA
    The development lead was new to OPM and worked on satellite systems for the Air Force. When she came to this project, she couldn't even spell "HR" and could barely spell "OPM."
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