6:50 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Telework
    They cannot force us to work at home. I extremely rarely do. I do not have an office area at home and cannot do so. I do work in the office as a huge majority rule.
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  • make you use annual leave
    I agree, they can't force you to work at home. However, as this telework policy develops, I can envision this scenario: If your job is designated as "telework capable", they may say that although your decision to not to sign up for telework is voluntary, if the event odf an early closing, or a non opening, you would be required to take annual leave. There could be a situation where an IRS Revenue Officer (I was one for 33 years) or a Revenue Agent would have to use annual leave (if they did not telework) while the Group Secretaty (whose job is not telework capable) would get admininstrative leave.
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  • Snow policy
    OPM might want to consider a proactive move on the day before a forecasted storm is to hit and declare it a telework day for those approved to telework. That would keep a number of folks off the road and still be productive. Even if the storm turns out to be less than predicted, there is no harm done.
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  • Options
    Staggered departures, and taking the forecast seriously enough to go to an alernate work plan / unscheduled leave make sense. Requiring telework makes a number of assumptions that aren't feasible including that everyone has VPN access and /or a landline or wishes to use their personal internet resources to perform their job. Shelter in place assumes that our offices can accomodate an extended stay which might be overnight or longer with an above average storm.
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  • Shelter in Place?
    Roger L
    So they are going to keep us in our buildings and have to pay for our time or let us go when we see fit and chance the commute on our own time. With the budget crisis we are in I would not think OPM would take the first option.
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  • go when we say so??
    Sorry OPM, but when my tour of duty is done, it is me and me alone that decides whether to stay or go. We all welcome suggestions about whether it is safe on the outside for us to leave, but an unfortunate aspect of the Federal workplace is that suggestions often morph into "you must". "you must stay" is illegal arrest.
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  • go when told to
    No one said you have to stay when your tour of duty is done. The jist of this article seems to center around early closings. There was another article on this subject on another site which talked about going when "ordered'. My response was whay should anyone have to be "ordered" to leave. When I was working and we had early closings everyone was out of there like rockets. I don't remember anyone having to be "ordered" to leave.
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