8:21 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • less expensive health care premiums
    OK. It's showing up in spending for health care insurance. It's showing up in discretionary spending. Folks are shutting their wallets as much as possible. Does Congress understand that cutting thousands of federal jobs, freezing pay and messing with benefits takes money out of the economy rather than boosting the economy? Less spending, less production, fewer jobs. Corporations moved thousands of US jobs overseas when the tax code became condusive to overseas profits. Corporations are now sitting on trillions of dollars and some big banks are actually charging for huge deposits of "parked" money. Will someone explain how less money circulating in the economy due to thousands of people unemployed plus no creation of more jobs in spite of trillions available for creating jobs makes any sense? My guess is corporate greed and manipulation of the middle class to the point that the middle class won't exist anymore. If people continue supporting this thinking then, no, even their children won't have a bright future.
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  • Aetna
    We dropped Aetna like a bad habit - too expensive, poor coverage, too many hassles, and several long time family doctors that refused to take them (perhaps they had the same issues as us), and needing to report them to the state insurance board. We switched back to my wife's Blue Cross PPO plan through her employer. The best insurance we ever had.
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  • "We switched back to my wife's Blue Cross PPO plan ..."?
    FERS Fed
    Can she carry that health insurance into retirement? If not, you may want to consider signing up for FEHB coverage again during the coming 'open season'. Why? In order to carry FEHB coverage into retirement, you have to be an FEHB participant for FIVE years prior to retirement. You may not think you're that close to retirement (and who can tell anymore?), but let me tell you, it comes up on you faster than you realize.
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  • for now, ok
    Thank you for that insight. Though I've been around awhile, I've got a good 15 years before I'm even eligible to retire. So yes your point is taken, and others reading here should be mindful of your it (as long as they look at something other than Aetna). In our case, we're okay for now.
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