3:58 am, May 25, 2015

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  • USAJOBS "stabilized"
    It's clear that OPM is still in its "damage control" mode, issuing soothing coos to the effect that everything is just ticketyboo, as the Brits used to say, and that bad old surge of high volume to the new, super-dooper USAJOBS website was the cause of all the best-to-be-forgotten unpleasantness. This is a classic case of bureaucratic denial. The many user complaints received make clear that there are serious systemic problems with the underlying software of the new OPM-designed system. that OPM did an inadequate pre-launch testing process is clear, but, of course, that will never be admitted. This was essentially the case with OPM's failed Retirement Systems Modernization project also, which was officially terminated earlier this year. A clear pattern has been established here.
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