10:57 am, May 30, 2015

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  • CBO: Cuts to federal pay may hurt public services
    Besides the obvious that most of the federal workers here at my agency are 40-60 age, we've been around a while, we know how to do everything, we don't need much retraining, and we are all pretty much happy with our jobs the way they are. Cutting federal pay will hurt everyone in the long run, because the new hires may or may not have the older folks around to teach them how do do their new jobs; they will need expensive training programs in and out of the work place, and federal agencies will no longer be great places to start any career. It makes me cringe to think of how much time and money will be wasted. Some young people these days don't take any job seriously, they would not survive long anywhere, and the jobs we are doing now would suffer.
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  • Old people...
    Big Joe
    "Some young people these days don't take any job seriously"..... Wow... At my location some old people don't take their job seriously. They claim they put in their time and have RIP'd (retired in place). Thats the problem with generalization... Most of the time it isn't accurate, paints a picture that is offensive, and shows a lack of willingness to bridge a gap of understanding. When I reflect upon the history of the 60 year old worker, history shows me you were all dope smoking-free love-hippies. Not accurate?
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  • Not employees, it's programs
    The one congressman got it right. They are debating nickels and dimes, when the situation warrants a debate over half dollars and dollar bills. The Federal work force including DoD civilians accounts for LESS THAN FIVE PERCENT of the entire Federal Budget. There's only so many nickels and dimes to be cut from that. THINK BIG. You have to reduce spending on programs (via outright cuts, achieving economies of scale and stronger enforcement and audit activities). Yes some employees will be hurt, but that's how you go after real problem - that 95% of the Federal Budget that has NOTHING TO DO with Federal Salary and Benefits.
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  • You got me
    However you neglected to mention my work, its value, and how it helped to advance science and your health. I will kick your behind in productivity any day.
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  • CBO Cutting Pay
    There has always been the argument that federal pay must be competitive, meaning it wants to snatch away people from the private sector. Maybe those in research and security should be the best and brightest but the majority of government jobs could be handled by anyone with a high school dipolma and on-the-job training. And if a private company operated like the federal government, it would be out of business. Government employment should reflect its "service" aspect, making it the least desirable place to work and certainly not so lucrative that one makes it a lifetime job.
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  • Partially disagree
    For some kinds of domain-specific R&D specialties, there's a payoff from having people stay a long time to develop deep expertise. For example, sonar system development, missile guidance, and nuclear weapons maintenance. --- If a recent college grad has the choice of entering a federal career for such work, or working in the private sector to specialize in other technologies, you really don't want him or her to see a $500k difference in lifetime earnings, because then you're unlikely to get the best applicants for such jobs. And believe me, there are some jobs like these where we *really* want the best applicants.
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  • problem
    The problem with that I see, as someone who has worked both sides of the fence, is that all to often the private sector is trying to figure out a way to skin the taxpayers for all they've got in the name of making quarterly numbers on Wall Street. So you have to balance the situation or fall prey to one of 2 eviles - Wall Street Greed Fleecing the taxpayers, OR so-called "Lazy" Federal Workers fleecing the taxpayers.
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  • CBO cutting pay
    "Government employment should reflect its "service" aspect, making it the least desirable place to work and certainly not so lucrative that one makes it a lifetime job." And folks think that the IRS and other government agencies are inefficient now! Imagine the delays you would experience when contacting an agency when no one knows the processes and no one can answer your questions because they've been on the job less than a year and their supervisors have been there even less time. The government doesn't need seasonal help, they need an effective employment review service to weed out the retired in place folks that wish not to perform anymore while collecting a check. Taking away a career opportunity and competative wages, why your better off just closing down the government all together.
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  • Let's level the playing field
    Just me
    I just started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People. It's called end unfair practices in federal employment. The purpose of this petition is to end unfair practices in government employment, and achieve parity with private sector workplace conditions, as follows: 1. End federal authority to borrow from the CSRDF and G Fund. 2. End all agency prohibitions and limitations (government-wide) impacting outside employment, by federal employees, except in cases of demonstrated (and provable) conflict of interest. 3. Repeal the Hatch Act 4. Prohibit federal agencies (government-wide) from constraining federal employee freedom of speech (while in an off-duty status.) 5. Prohibit federal agencies (government-wide) from proscribing lawful, off duty, activities for federal employees. I'm encouraging feds to sign it. It's time we stopped being a political punching bag.
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  • Waste of time
    As far as I can tell, Obama does not care what specifically you put on that site. He will never give it serious consideration, and *certainly* never push for it to become enacted. I believe what he really wants is for you to *feel* like he's your pal and cares, so that you'll vote accordingly.
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  • What we have here is
    Democrats (Obama) and Republicans (Issa) agreeing on something! Beyond what the CBO is saying, or warning, the Supercommittee hopefully will see the folly of these two. Don't bite the hand that serves you.
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