3:10 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Where's the peanut gallery this morning?
    Where is everyone this morning? Usually there are several comments by the time I get to work in Mountain time. But, Mike is absolutely correct with this article. I finally signed up last year for the insurance even though it in prior years it was cheaper to go with my spouses private sector insurance. But, last year I checked the prices again and to my surprise found that each of us going single is cheaper than either one doing family or single plus one. Makes no sense to me, but I need to get my 5 years in either way.
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  • Good luck
    good luck with the retirement in 5 years. This was not controversial as I have had BX all of my government working life.
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  • Are comments working
    This should make 2 comments if they are working...
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  • From the Peanut Gallery
    The title of this excellent article could well be, There is Power in Numbers. That's exactly what an aging America needs right now, not yapping, hateful Tea Baggers who cheered when Ron Paul was asked about a hypothetical man lying in a coma who had no health insurance whether he should be allowed to die. “Yes,” said the adoring Tea Party hatemongers, “let him die and rot in the street.” The more people who are enrolled in a health care system like the FEHB the lower the costs and the better the coverage. It's that simple. Forget the clowns who say if we had a national health care plan the costs would skyrocket because people would begin flocking to the health clinics in droves. First of all, costs are going up faster than the rise in inflation regardless of a national health care plan or not. We know for a fact that 20% of those costs are salaries and administrative expenses. Bringing in millions of more payers into the system would mean adding millions of healthy individuals who because of their good health at a young age, would not cause costs to rise. On the contrary, spreading the costs throughout a greater number of people reduces the costs of premiums for everyone. It has worked for decades in the FEHB program and it will work for all Americans who need both jobs and health care security. Out of curiosity I entered some answers to questions for an online health insurance company offering coverage, but only to people under 65-years-old. The cutoff assumed that all those over 65 will be eligible for Medicare. For myself and my wife the monthly premium would cost over $1,900. Why? Because as people age they become a greater risk to get sick and need medical care – exactly what the current health insurance companies want to avoid. Hence, the huge propaganda to kill the Affordable Health Care Act which Republican/Tea Partyer insurance company shills have pledged to do. Let’s not forget, the young people today who have parents in their late 40s or early 50s may end up having to care for them when they retire and find out that under the Paul Ryan/Tea Party design, no insurance company will take the risk of providing health coverage to an age group that will be limited to a voucher to care for them in old age. A system patterned after the FEHB applied nationwide will provide that security. It’s a right, not a privilege accessible to those only who can afford it.
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  • Help me out!
    Since you seem to understand the health plans, please help me understand the coordination of FEHB and SSA medicare. I don't understand what my wife and I need. We're healthy and don't take lots of drugs. Now, where does Obamacare/Affordable Care Act kick in? Seems like there should be some simple web site that explains all this.
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  • To Contrarian
    First I believe that the insurance plan passed in 2010 will not apply here. It is for the uninsured. Check with an expert. Second, check with an expert as to whether you need medicare with FEHB. You will have more complete coverage if you elect medicare part B at age 65, but will have to pay presently somewhere around $1100 per year per person for this coverage. Check your FEHB plan for your exposure (deductible and maximum co pay) and then determine whether it is worthwile. Also find out whether the FEHB plan payouts are smaller once you are medicare eligible. If so, how will it affect you? Finally, elect medicare A no matter what. You have already paid for that and it is free.-------Hope I have been of some help.
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