11:54 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • DI2E is the right strategy for Intel Cloud, but work remains
    OUSD (I) and Army G2 have the right strategy going forward as presented at the Dec 16th IT-AAC Leadership Roundtable hosted by CMU SEI. Sr. Leaders joined this discussion from NIST, Army, Navy, DISA, OSD, NIST and IT-AAC's partnership; Cloud Security Alliance, ICH, ISC(2), INSA, SEI, etc. Challenges remaining are cultural impediments, limited access to commercial innovations, and weapon systems acquisition methods and their process owners (FFRDCs). Einstein's 2 lessons on change mgt would be most welcome; 1) continuing the same process would be insane 2) you cannot fix today's problems with the same thinking that got you their. The IT-AAC is well suited to take on these two challenges.
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