1:57 am, May 24, 2015

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  • GAO freezes hiring, considers furloughs
    Why is IRS not being offered this option? It is very very clear that if this was offered to IRS employees by November 18th that we had to retire by January or February 2012 and stated that the High 3 was changing to High 5 after 2012 then IRS could help cut the cost of all this budget issue that Congress wants to address such as “employees could face six furlough days this year” and this would be a huge reduction in the Government work force! Give us an incentive to reduce the workforce at IRS for all that is eligible and this would not only help us that need or want to retire but it would allow the employees at IRS that need their jobs to have a piece of mind and security of their job since the IRS workforce would be reduced and we are helping those who need it. Then maybe Congress would see that after the 2012 Freeze that raises and appreciation of employees could go back to normal!
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