4:06 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Proposed OGE gift rules
    I find the OGE representative's comments disingenuous and, at best, naive. Removing de minimis exemptions will absolutely have the net impact of creating "no contact" zones between contractors and government officials. It sends a message that contractors and lobbyists are inherently toxic. Even if an agency had the budget to send employees to events as paid attendees, the message being sent by the proposed rule change will unmistakebly be read as "don't touch". I suspect that OGE officials do know this and are trying to drive exactly that sort of behavior. The implication that a federal official's favor can be rented for a $20 or under gift is also ridiculous and patently offensive to federal workers. The great majority of federal workers have substantially more integrity than that and those that don't aren't concerned about gift limits anyway. This is a wrong-headed policy that will needlessly hamper the government's ability to get things done correctly. Anyone who supports efficient government should oppose this rule.
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  • As if technology in the federal governemtn wasn't far enough behind already,
    This appears to have the effect of, for example, prohibiting IT staffs from attending trade shows without paying commercial sector rates (usually in the four figure range for a 3 day show). The best education that staff (public or private sector) can get comes from seminars and networking at these type of events. In the future, any budget request for attendance for an IT staff at a show like this will result in articles about $16 muffins in the newspaper... I can understand wanting decision makers and those with budget authority to avoid disingenuous contact, but this is insulting, ridiculous, and counterproductive, and those are the nicest things I can say about it.
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