11:06 am, May 30, 2015

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  • CIO's at DHS
    Jayne A MacDonald
    The CIO at DHS is an example of the bypass of the Clinger Cohen act that has occured. The DHS CIO is relegated to a sub-office in the Office of Management, which dooms his/her role to be nothing more than the manager of a management overhead cost center. The strategic importance of managing a unified Information model for the agency as a Homeland Security mission is completely lost in this use of the CIO. The agency components also have even more ineffective CIO's as they are charged with the responsibilities of the Clinger Cohen act, while given delegated ineffective authority to do so. Sadly if you ask the DHS CIO, or anyone in the componenet CIO offices about this publically they will tell you how this "Office of Management" sub- office is the correct model while at the same time cursing it in back rooms for its ineffectiveness. Any CIO who advocates anything else is summarily removed.
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