2:08 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Agencies FINALLY alter IT approaches, and IT-AAC leads in alternatives
    Glad to see the press report on this long past due transformation. Had agency organic access to emerging industry standards of practice, they would have changed years ago when the market began to embrace SOA, IaaS and Agile Acquisition Methods to cope with financial crisis. The point was made by congress and the Defense Science board three years ago, when DoD was directed to abandon their DoD5000 processes for IT, and embrace "Agile Acquisition" frameworks that were open and provided continuous stake holder visibility. Also losing favor are the big defense contractors that both Gen Hoss Cartwright and Vivek Kundra labeled an "IT Cartel". What concerns me is that some agencies are confusion the difference between Agile Acquisition and Development, and the belief in "Silver Bullets". Both VA and FBI have already been burned, relying on their FFRDC to fix the problem they themselves helped create. If the agencies are looking to fix their "Broken IT Ecosystems" that only deliver 16% of the time, then they will need to find alternative thinking, expertise and methods not available from the IT Cartel... The IT Acquisition Advisory Council has developed a Roadmap for Sustainable IT Acquisition Reform, and posted it for free download.
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