2:43 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Retire EZ
    JR Samples
    OPM also promised that Retire EZ would be so wonderful, and that site never worked.
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  • "Nationals call up Mikey Thomas from T-Ball to replace Ryan Zimmerman"
    A little irony... How do you benefit from "open code" that doesn't work? Is building industrial strength "e-commerce" websites a core competency of OPM? Is it even "inherently governmental?" I would never trust my HR person to do ANYTHING with technology but the federal government trusted it's HR organization with its life-blood!!! USAJOBS is the engine that helps to sustain the intellectual brain-trust of the federal government and its not working for job hunters nor the agencies and departments who are trying to advertise jobs. That's right.... applicants can't apply and agencies can't announce! Is anybody listening? This is a crisis!
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  • Overwhelmed and Underprepped
    "'We expected this'" .... but USAJOBS management didn't have a clue as to what to do about it????
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  • We expected this?
    Really? Then why in the WORLD would you release a system that you EXPECTED problems from? Are your IT guys asleep at the wheel? Even basic things like resetting a password are broken. I can understand some minor glitches with new software, but an entire system that doesn't function, yet is deployed anyway...to the entire world? This doesn't make any sense whatsoever. OPM really blew it with this one. Restore the old version until you fix this one. It isn't helping anyone in it's current form. And....just in case you missed the meeting..PEOPLE ACTUALLY USE/RELY ON USAJobs!
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  • Jeff Neals says that USAJOBS 3.0 is suffering from "Growing Pain"
    Thousands of failing attempted users of USAJOBS are suffering from GROIN PAIN!
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