10:56 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Article forgot a big one
    Elimination of step increases is a big one. Those who are only months away from the three year step (8,9,10) would really be ripped off.
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  • Who can afford this?
    I can't be the only CS who's barely making ends meet as it is. When you pair this with inflation, it seems like lots of civil servants will face a choice between bankruptcy or needing to find a job outside of the government.
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  • Pay Raise Elimination
    Kenny Ray
    Rep Issa, why stop at 2015? Make it 2016, 2020, even better idea, why not just say no pay raises until furhter notice, you know sort of like "The beatings will continue until morale improves." Oh and by the way I am ASSUMING Congress AND your staffs is included in these freezes.
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  • The beating will...
    "why stop at 2015? Make it 2016, 2020" Did you complain when the President froze our pay? I bet not.
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  • Pay Freeze
    When you get through making federal workers scape goats for all the ills of the world, do you really think the next generation will seek jobs with the federal service. I don't think so. Also, I hope all of your wages are frozen until whenever, I hope you never see bonus money either. The federal workers did not make this mess, but we are suffering while our rents, mortgages, electric, gas, water and food continue to go up every year. Not to mention that good ole government health insurance that takes a hike every year whether your pay does, so trust me if you think you are making the federal work force an attractive place to work then you all are delusional.
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    John B
    That is just great, no Step/COLA, nothing! But you have to contribute more to FERS/CSRS. Go Figure. You notice, there is nothing in his recommendation about putting a Freeze on increases to the FEHB or Taxes.
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