1:10 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • HUD agents/officals Caught Lying to Congress - It's "fast and furious" all over again !
    A developing HUD scandal concerning the fact that federal agents/ Administration officials AGAIN lied to Congressmen in an effort to hide massive criminal activity will rival the “fast and furious” fiasco when it exposes Obama’s ties to DNC co-chairman/Mayor Castro and City attorney Michael Bernard (brother of White House social secretary Jeremy Bernard) who have been reported to the FBI, HUD, the DOJ, etc. concerning the criminal conspiracy to cover-up the long term theft/misuse of HUD and other funds by the City of San Antonio TX.( including the submission of false statements/audits to federal investigators in HUD-OIG case # hl-10-0465) Internal City documents show that the theft/fraud was characterized as “a bottomless pit of money” citing the fact that “The largely unsupervised and unregulated billing of departments across the City under the guise of the telephone “variable” for the last 25 years has resulted in departments having been billed for an untold amount of goods and services from which their department received no benefit”. The impact is listed as “millions of dollars”. Officials AGAIN violated the law when they submitted false statements to federal investigators ( HUD-OIG case HL-10-0465) admitting that they only misspent $648 of HUD funds for years 2004-8 via “radio accounts” and fail to even mention the “variable”, telecom accounts, the “BOTTOMLESS PIT OF MONEY”, up to $200,000 of fraudulent Avaya, Inc. invoices, secret no-bid contracts steered to friends, etc Contact HUD SA Field Office Director Richard Lopez 210 475-6806, FBI agent Mark Martinez 210 225-6741, US Attorney Robert Pitman 210 384-7100 or Angela Dunlap 832-476-5010 (Grant Thornton LLP/independent auditing firm) . Search YouTube for these videos concerning the public/police corruption inside the City of San Antonio, TX v=N9VL1nPBeak v=-LbPQNVotVA v=9wVcy82mt7A
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  • What Else Is New
    The Justice Department has always wanted the "Fast and Furious" dismissed. We have seen our own attorney general Eric Holder refuse to comply with a direct order from Congress. There is a strong possibility that both Justice and the White House could be involved. This coming from someone who commited an agravated crime with a gun, while in college: http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/30/as-college-sophomore-eric-holder-participated-in-armed-takeover-of-former-columbia-university-rotc-office/ Eric Holder should have never been approved for attorney general, and should be punished for his arrogence toward Congress. It's time to proceed with his impeachment.
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