11:55 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Troubled FAA NextGen initiative
    I suspect that Representative Mica is right in his view that management failures are at the heart of the problems FAA is facing in trying to bring the new system on line. The government has a very poor track record when it comes implementing new IT initiatives. Witness recent fiascos at the Census, IRS, FBI, and OPM (the latter of whose Director earlier this year, for example, cancelled the long touted - and equally troubled - Retirment Systems Miodernization project designed to automate the increasingly backlogged civil service retirement application processing function). Why the government has such a dismal track record of managing large-scale IT projects has long been a serious issue. GAO has issued a long series of reports in the past on said fiascos, and their conclusions tend to jibe also with Mr. Mica's.
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