4:19 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Reaction to the news
    Within my department the emotions are mixed, ranging from joy to happiness.
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  • Bravo
    T Bois
    Kudos to Mr. Amin for calling out what is and will always be a problem at DOS. I worked at DOS for 13 years before moving on to another agency within the Executive Branch I observed firsthand the double standard that existed between the Foreign Service and the Civil Service. A good o'le boy network if you would. This occured from the highest levels downward. I saw it in the area of how discipline was administered as a result of misconduct. It also existed in the way the employees traveled. There were other ways also but this is enough to emphasize the point. Obviously the standard continues to exist. Will it ever change? I for one do not believe it will.
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  • At Last
    Publica Cato
    Someone did not do their due diligence for this story about Mr. Amin. There are several DoS Inspector General reports about his management failings, the hostile workplace he created, his poor handling of technology issues, his favoritism with contractors, and much more. There is much rejoicing throughout the DoS and throughout the DoS contracting community that this man is gone. If anyone was corrupt, he is the guilty party. Methinks he dost protest too much..........
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  • Over Due
    Given that several IG reports were addressing his failures as a leader is anyone really suprised??? One less obstablce to deal with now....Much joy in the land
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  • Rock throwing
    Real nice, son. Throwing rocks at Foreign Service personnel, when this Stateside warrior has no clue as to the hardships of overseas duty. Maybe a year or two in Sanaa, Yemen or some other ? world (some don't qualify for a 3rd or 4th world rating). Visiting posts or getting feedback from Consular Officers (the elite of the foreign service corp), doesn't cut it. There are good and bad Civil and Foreign service personnel. But, to lump a group into an irresponsible lot, leaves me with one thought. It is good for you to depart (stay departed). You are obviously inept and a poor judge of character. The Department really does not need you. Please stay gone, for the good of the service.
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