2:20 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Mission Critical
    deployed decoy
    Well we will see what happens in November. Last winter when congress was in this same 'do it next election cycle' we came down to the wire. My agency called us all in that Friday and told us only 'Mission Critical' feds would be coming to work Monday if not budget or another CR was passed over the weekend. In the end they passed the budget so we all came to work. What never occurred was leadership formally (and in writing) telling us who was Mission Critical, but it was discussed verbally only the COR would be coming in as the contractors that outnumber Soldiers and Feds combined were funded and needed some adult supervision. The only trouble with this leadership version of who is important is, we are all Emergency Essential by federal regulation and required to report to duty in the dark of night, snow, war or civil insurrection... Yesterday leadership did not answer my question when I asked in writing if I was Mission Critical today should congress screwed up again. This all begs the question here in the war zone, where are the Lear Jets to evacuate us non Emergency Essential and surly not expendable feds. Oh I forgot sitting on the tarmac in Stuttgart Germany to NEO evacuate all the top Brass spouses and pets when Switzerland attacks.
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  • U.S. Information Agency (USIA)
    FERS Fed
    Hey, Mike. USIA ceased to exist as a separate agency 12 years ago. It's activities, budget, and employees were assimilated into the The Borg-like State Department in October 1999. Resistance was futile.
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  • USIA
    Yes, amazing that after all these years, USIA seems to live on in the minds of some. . .
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  • Mission Critical is right
    I must agree with you Decoy. Mission critical is not well defined. With the last big fiasco with the debt ceiling, my entire office (A IRS Post of Duty with 34 employees) were no essential...........However, everyone of the SSA employees were essential????? How is SSA essential over IRS?? Don't get it.
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