2:30 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Navy Issues NGEN draft RFP, and its huge
    I took a few hours to review the materials and was overwhelmed by the volume of documents and minutia put into this. Clearly, the support contractors ignored federal acquisition rules contained in Clinger Cohen Act (to leverage commercial best practices), and the NDAA Section 804 directive (to move away from DoD5000 and embrace an Agile Acquisition Process). With budget reductions and OSD directives forcing agencies to reduce contracting staff, I don't understand how DOD can continue to pay tens of millions in PMO support, and billions more to rent desktop equipment. Recent benchmarks of similar industry efforts would suggest a greater investments in consolidated IT infrastructure that would support secure mobile and stateless devises, letting the user pay for and manage his own devise like they do at home.
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  • On big problem that will be repeated...
    I believe the CNO ordered IT costs to be reduced by 25%. The problem with NMCI is that it hides IT costs from the CNO's analysis. --- Anyone who's used NMCI knows that there are significant time-costs associated with it: excessive boot-up times, excessive down-times when hardware needs servicing, requiring users to stay on the phone with NMCI support while they look into issues, etc. --- All of these end-user labor costs (and opportunity costs) are due to poor IT execution, but are never accounted for as IT costs in the CNO's analysis as far as I know. --- Unless poor IT execution shows up in the CNO's costs analyses, we can probably expect the NEXGEN to suck just as much as the first NMCI.
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