9:41 am, May 23, 2015

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  • TSA risk-based security screening
    Given the lack of hard information regarding the operational details of the new pilot program, at this point one can only shrug his/her shoulders - or yawn. TSA "might" expedite the screening of trusted travelers, who "could" possibly avoid unnamed aspects of the screning process. Other than an obvious PR ploy, there's little to justify the hype TSA is putting out on this initiative now. As usual, the devil's in the details.
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  • The TSA stops nothing but prohibited items - the very same thing those $7 and hour
    screeners did before them. And guess what? Prohibited items weren't used in the 9/11 hijackings. Want real risk-based security? Then strip search every Arab. Now that takes the threat down to near zero.
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  • Let's enroll feds automatically
    Rock Island fed
    Most (all?) of us have clearances equal to or higher than the TSA people. We should get the same level of physical screening they get (sure looks like none) to enter the secure area.
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  • TSA and Racism
    This is the most blatantly racist and biased Government program in decades. For the past year TSA has insisted that everyone must be subjected to the same security procedures, whether a child, elderly grandmother or US Senator. Now they are allowing the privileged buy their way out of the screening process. TSA is tacitly saying that the wealthy are more equal than others. Those chosen for the program will almost exclusively consist of well to do, mostly white, passengers. Minorities and low income travelers will bear the brunt of TSA practices while the privileged skirt them. This makes no sense from a security perspective since many terrorists have been frequent fliers or wealthy. This state sponsored extortion will establish a mechanism to allow arbitrary profiling of passengers in the future, which could include Latinos and African-Americans and anyone else they decide to harass. If someone can buy their way out of screening then this is no more than security theater and passenger harassment. Congress must demand that TSA adopt consistent, sensible and respectful procedures for everyone, not just the privileged.
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