9:45 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Who cares?
    Norman's Mother
    I'm sick and tired of hearing about gays, gay rights and gay marriage. The economy is in shambles, record number of people are unemployed and all the legislators do is focus on "touchy-feely" PC issues. I've really had it....
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  • In other words...
    Jerry A.
    The GOP / Tea Party / right wing alarmist predictions that military morale will disintegrate and the sky will fall due to gays serving openly in the military were just so much garbage. I'm sure that you'd just as soon have the rest of the country forget about it. Onwards to the right wing's next fight trying to block gay marriage, because (they say) marriage will fail as an institution and the sky will fall. These wedge issues come from the GOP, the least "touchy-feely PC" party. Bigotry, hatred, and ignorance are coming from the GOP, not the rest of the country, "Norman's Mother", and progressives won't let them sweep it under the rug.
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  • You don't intimidate me,
    Norman's Mother
    and I'm sick of your liberal name-calling attacks. You can't justify homosexuality so you resort to attacking those of us who will never accept them. Homosexuals have embraced the Taliban playbook, using terror tactics to intimidate those who disagree with them. The strategy seems to be working as they brought the Pentagon to its knees. Our worldviews are guided by our spiritual leaders who seem to intimidate you.
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