6:37 am, May 22, 2015

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  • DIA's "golden age" should more
    Norman's Mother
    appropriately be regarded as the "dark ages." DIA continually fails to address the disparity between its male and female analysts. Male favoritism is hard-wired from the top down. Males are promoted ahead of their female counterparts, chosen for special details more often and only a few are “pushed out” to combat zones. I knew at least a dozen males who never deployed or went TDY anywhere, let alone combat zones. Their excuses ranged from illnesses (that were never verified by management), marital/family issues (such as extreme henpecking), and other absurd maladies. The rest planned their “wine vacations” on agency time and computers, surfed the net all day and literally did no work. Yet these slackers continue to move on due to management’s failure to address their poor performance. The mission is eternal - either DIA fixes their gender and management defects or they will lose the majority of younger workers who will not tolerate such disparity of treatment.
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