9:56 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Step Two
    24 Yr Manager
    Please, please, please reform the firing process. When a manager has to spend months or even years to fire someone it is an enourmous waste of federal funds.
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  • Not a Vet? Forget it!
    Even more frustrating than jumping through all of the hoops required to complete the applications is being told time and time again that although you are highly qualified for the positions, because veterans have applied, you cannot be considered.
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  • Job Descriptions
    David L
    They are touting that Job Descriptions are now five pages?! Yes, they are certainly inching towards what the commercial sector has. Most job descriptions in the commercial world are a couple of paragraphs, maybe some bullet points with the ubiquitous other duties as assigned. Of course, in the government world, we all know, if it isn't in your job description, you are not allowed to do it. And that is only one of many of the problems that have to be overcome.
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  • ShowIt
    Well those who have applied for jobs and keep getting: Eligible - Referred to the Selecting Official and: haven't received an interview or the position has been closed OR 2.) You have to pass the guessing game for jobs with these "tests" and if you answer one question wrong, your application is not considered based on a computer (some of these questions, for me, I can click all of them, but have to narrow down to one).......the process is seriously flawed. Unfortunately if this is mandated by the President, some agencies are not following the new rules in place, ESPECIALLY the eliminatiion of KSA's!
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  • No sympathy
    mike in GP
    I don't have a lot of sympathy for applicants who cannot read a lengthy job description, or fill out a complicated application. What do you think government employees do? We read lengthy regulations and fill out complicated forms. If the application process deters you, you probably wouldn't be all that happy (or effective) as a government employee. In other words, how would we deal with 600 page laws and regulations if we are required to hire people who are put off by bureaucracy? By the way, it's not all that easy to get a job at Google either!
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