2:11 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • COngressional time off
    They should be ashamed of themselves for the amount of time they take off, but they aren't. I guess they need the downtime to figure out more and better ways to denigrate federal workers and retirees, mess with what's left of middle class America, and scheme on how to set the financial rules to benefit their already thick wallets.
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    The article states: The stage is now being set for a governmentwide shutdown because of a dispute between Senate Democrats and House Republicans over emergency funding for the Federal Emergency Management Administration. FEMA has been hard pressed this year because of a massive onslaught of tornadoes, a record-breaking drought in the southwest, earthquakes, tornadoes and massive flooding. INTERESTING THAT OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE SKY FEMA FINDS 175 MILLION DOLLARS. REALLY? PLEASE LETS CUT THE WASTE AND STOP PLAYING THE BLAME GAME, OUR NATION IS BROKE BECAUSE OF THIS KIND OF MISMANAGEMENT OF TAXPAYER FUNDS
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  • Budget Games
    My guess is that FEMA moved some expensed used this fiscal year to next fiscal year. How, put off paying some of the bills, or how they are accounted for. I sit next to a budget analyst for another Agency and the money moved here and there and around and through is just amazing, and she just does one small part of the whole..............Does FEMA need some revamping, absolutely. I look at people still living in FEMA trailers 5 years after Katrina and think that is just rediculous. People need a hand during disasters, but most of it should be either short term, or low interest loans for what insurance doesn't pay for. Not living for free in FEMA trailers while working their jobs........It would be cheaper for FEMA to provide minimal furniture (and I don't mean of the highest quality) to people to get them paying their own rent, than to support them for years. And maybe that has already changed, I don't know enough on how FEMA works to know. I just know my town had some flooding this spring in fairly limited areas and FEMA Motor Homes were out here for at least two weeks (that I saw them at one of the hotels in town I go by regularly).
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