5:46 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • OH EM GEE!
    Lisa Lisa
    Maybe its the fact that I am getting older and I have matured in to having less patience. Maybe because I AM older, that I see things I never paid attention to when I was in my 20s or maybe its because I always lived in other states that government was not a water cooler topic of discussion. But for the love of god, WHY! cant these people compromise. Its not rocket science to know that this country is nearly divided 45/45 in being a repub/dem and the other 10% independant. it is reflected in out voted in leadership. We are split. No matter what, only 45% will like what the end result is, if it things are decided all left or right. COMPROMISE! Start out on your respective far left and rights and work towards the middle. Our leaders can not continue to base their decisions on voters only. Looks how much we have lost face globally. The value of the dollar..its practically non-existant. TO make even a bigger rear of ourselves, we continue to tell other countries how to run their own countries. Really? How stupid do we look when we cant get our own act together. I am embarassed that we voted in a bunch of toddlers who wont let the other kids play in their sandboxes. They should all be sent in a timeout or spanked..or both.
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