2:02 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Fraudulent SS payments
    How about prosecuting those who have scammed the system???
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  • OPM commits to stopping payments to dead people
    One can only imagine how many dead people will eventually end up on this task force.
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  • Stopping Payment to Dead People
    Don’t these people look and relate to history. This isn’t the first time for these situations and they were resolved quickly and efficiently: 1. During the period 1950 – 1975, fraudulent theft of CSRS and military annuity checks and EFT payments were rampant in the Philippines, Mexico, and Panama where there were large numbers of civil service and military retirees. A simple program requiring the actual annuitant or retiree to show up at a central location twice a year. Within six months the fraud was stopped cold. 2. In 1979 the backlog of annuity cases, both CSA and CSF was staggering even worse was placing annuitants into special pay. By hiring 6 additional examiners solely on incoming claims and the backlog, special pay was reduced to two – three weeks; adjudication and completion of claims was not exceeding 60 days.
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  • They better watch out
    Dave M
    These are payments for the dead people's votes... if they stop the payments where they gonna get enough votes to win?
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  • My story
    Time Bandit
    My husband's grandmother passed away some years ago, she was 101. Her name as well as my mother in law's was on the grandmothers checking account, the checks got directly deposited and I knew my mother in law all too well. She wouldn't have called OPM and told them, she wouldn't have said a word. I called OPM and reported the passing of the grandmother, too many loser's out there sucking the elderly & deceased of their funds.
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