9:52 am, May 27, 2015

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  • OMB CIO Shifts focus of IT Reforms
    Given the current budget climates, this is the right focus, but will be met with some resistance by some of the largest defense contractors who will seek to protect the money pits called Legacy Infrastructure. Up to 70% of the annual federal IT budget is consumed by O&M supporting legacy/proprietary IT infrastructure that competes for dwindling IT investments. Agencies must find a way of breaking this lockin to free up limited IT dollars, if they are hoping to provide new services or improve service delivery. OSD Health Affairs recently proved out one viable approach to legacy lockin, using an automated code modernization technology from TSRI. They proved out the ability to convert millions of lines of MUMPS code for pennies on the dollar.
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  • IT Scope Creep
    The commodity IT is definitely an area where monitoring is appropriate, but to listen to every IT manager I have spoken with, you need an IT approval to purchase an Automobile, after all, it has a computer to run many of its functions. Talk about scope creep, What if I want to purchase one of those singing birthday cards...
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