9:02 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Thank You CBP
    We should be thanking CBP agents every day just as we do our military. It is a very dangerous job and a thankless one. It seems the only time they make it into the news is when they screw up or get killed. How about the media writing our their successes; how many illegals have they kept out, and how many of these were criminals? How much drug smuggling has been disrupted or intercepted? These people need our support. You think their job is hard now. What do you think will happen when the automatic federal budget cuts take effect in Jan 2013?
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  • ironic euphamism
    I have often thought of the term "friendly fire" as one of the most innovative and ironic euphamisms out there. Look, the guy is dead, even if it is by our own men.
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