5:39 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • OPM paying $600 million to dead people
    Reinaldo Luis A.
    The use of the Social Security Death data base has a flaw that most laymen are not aware of. It is based on those accounts that the SSAN death benefit (for funeral expenses) has been applied for. If there is no existing family member to request the benefit then the death is not reported until the Social Security Administration itself determines the individual has deceased. Also spelling errors when the individual initially applied for an account come into play. I could not find a cousin in the data base although I had personally attended the funeral. I then found the entry when I checked for variations in the surname. OPM needs to develop an independent system to verify the status of annuitants such as sending out an annual verification card or e-mail.
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  • OPM
    It's really easy to blame OPM. It appears they need a much better data system, perhaps annually requiring death certificate data from local governments, who knows. But, I doubt it all this money has just gone into a black hole in space. I bet many survivors have continued to take the money. Shame on them. Maybe they felt justified when they looked at corporate tax breaks and questionable shenanigans in big business, banks, lending agencies, Wall Street, CEO bonuses, Congress, etc. Is there honor anywhere anymore?
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  • Why can't OPM compare...
    FERS Fed
    ...it's annuitants roster to IRS individual tax filings? I believe that I've heard that IRS records can't be used for such things, but no taxpayer data need be involved. Just the SSN/TIN and whether the taxpayer filed as deceased. I can sort of understand a survivor 'forgetting' to notify a USG agency that PAYS out money, but have a harder time understanding 'forgetting' to notify a USG agency that COLLECTS money.
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  • $600 paid to deceased annuitants
    If somebody can determine the amount that is being paid... how hard can it be to put a stop payment on those $600 million in payments? If you can quantify it you can stop it. Or is this another statistic gleaned from a small sample and extrapolated to the larger population of payments being made?
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