11:22 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Agencies: Just who are they?
    Lisa Lisa
    Well, I keep reading the word "agencies" as in agencies must notify their employees. Well, what agencies are we speaking of? Some of us fed workers do not work with the large name brand agencies (OPM, GSA, DHS, blah blah). Some of work for smaller "agencies" that receive fed funding but are not a straight up "agency"-perhaps "quasi" is the word or some other word. Regardless, some of us that are fed workers work in entities that receive fed funding, but for some reason do not follow the law of the land as the big guys do. So, when you say "agencies" with respect to telework..just who or what level of entities that receive fed funding are you speaking of because telework has NEVER been spoken....EVER. Are they flat out ignoring or are they not applicable?
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  • I'm DoD
    @Lisa Lisa, I'm in DoD ... considered by most to be a "larger" agency ... and nobody in my office has been notified as OPM mandated.
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