2:06 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Census
    Census is offering buyouts to a select few.
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  • Position not people
    deployed decoy
    The fact that DA has formally authorized VSIPs for March 2012 and not a word to anyone in the form of an early out offer aside. It is the position, not the person that gets the ax. My agency missed the September 2011 VSIPs because they had not taken the time to lean ahead and ID positions, then talk to people eligible for a buyout but, maybe not in the position to be abolished, to see if they would go with a reorganization. Bottom line the position must be the one to go. The warm body rolled out could that old duff down the hall, saving the career of the poor young highly motivated by the federal food for work program person sitting in the dead-end chair. Wait the whole place is going to be dead-end after congress finishes with us soft, slow moving targets. I read that all discretionary spending, stuff like fighting fires in TX or federal water resources could be terminated today. Defense and social programs would still add trillions over the next decade to the problem. So I say congress fire us all, save a quarter and contract it all out to Haiti, or Bangladesh where you can get highly motivated folks to work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day for $300 a month. After all there are more uninsured people and more people in poverty today than when universal health care fixed that problem.
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  • Buyout
    I haven't heard of any buyouts at the IRS. I seriously doubt they will have any, unless forced to due to budget. We are way way way understaffed in enforcement right now. IRS want to hire big time, and no one is letting them. Which shows you the intellence of Congress. You want to decrease the deficit, you have to increase revenue, ergo you increase the staffing at the Agency that brings in 98% of your revenue, you don't cut it!!
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  • Buyouts
    You beat me to the same comments on this one. Of course, isn't this the way most politicians work (politically expediant whether or not really correct in the true way.) I also agree with Jelly. The 25000 buyout is not worth it. Now if they put my sick leave into my TSP, I would consider it very strongly.
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  • Buy Outs aren't worth it
    My agency (OSD) has advertised buy outs. $25K. Wow. If you want to buy me out and make it worth my while, try 6-months or 12-months of salary. Most of the people I know who are eligible or thinking of retuiring are very senior (GS-14s & 15s). $25K is what? Two month's salary before taxes? No thanks.
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