4:13 am, May 26, 2015

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  • We can be a bit more frugal
    Aaron Kuperman
    While my motivation is religious (kosher food is hard to get in most downtowns), there is no reason why people attending conferences can't stay in non-downtown inexpensive hotels and take public transit to a conference site, and prepare food in their rooms (since the inexpensive hotels, removed from downtown areas, tend to be ones with limited cooking facilities). Washington based people should never plan on staying overnight when an albeit long commute can still get them to a meeting in the northeast corridor, and the cost of Amtrak regional trains is cheaper than a hotel room. We can't expect to use taxpayer funded travel as an opportunity to take a vacation.
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  • OMB memo Restricting Travel/Conferences
    Does this apply to contractors who receive reimbursement for conferences under a government contract?
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